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Chapter 23 {{KASAI GAIDEN}}: A Time For Mikomi

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‘This is your time…to weep. This is your time…to mourn--not yet time…to build up. Just your time to tear down old walls…’ --Between The Trees



Just when I thou...

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Chapter 22 {{KASAI GAIDEN}}: And They Call This Tragedy...

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Chapter 22

‘You make me sick! I’ll tear out those diamond eyes I can’t bare to see, crimson spills on paper skin…they call this tragedy. Remembering the nights when you’d whisper to me soft “Forever more, my heart is yours”, realize those...

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Chapter 21 {{KASAI GAIDEN}}: Better Luck Next Time, Prince Charming.

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Chapter 21

‘Not all knights in shining armor can make your dreams come true…he’s not quite as charming as he may seem…’ --Alesana



All day, the only thing people could talk about was Kisuke ...

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Chapter 20 {{KASAI GAIDEN}}: A Beautiful Lie

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Shikaluver16 Bleach

‘It’s time to forget about the past…to wash away what happened last…Hide behind an empty face, don’t ask too much, just say…‘cause this is just a game. It’s a beautiful lie...

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Chapter 19 {{KASAI GAIDEN}}: Shinji, The Good Friend.

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Shikaluver16 Bleach


‘And if you ran away, I’d still wave goodbye, watching you shine bright.’ --Paramore



The next morning, I woke up and found Aizen sleeping beside me. I propped myself up and watched him for a moment. He just looked so innocent, so pure, so beautiful…


Mikomi: Okay, wrap it...

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Chapter 18 {{KASAI GAIDEN}}: First Love..?

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'You're the girl with the Red Dress on...you're the girl I've dreamt about...drifting away..." --LoveHateHero




They ended up letting me stay h...

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Chapter 17 {{KASAI GAIDEN}}: Escaping The Ouken!

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‘I won't forget the things you said before...before you turned your back...' --Alesana



‘I’ll tell you, if that’s what you want. There are things about me Zangetsu doesn’t e...

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