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Chapter 30: The Guardian's Battle! The Goddess' Resolve!

Posted on May 26, 2014 at 2:45 AM

"You'll get what's coming to you!

You're blinded by you're instincts

I'm not your fucking game!

I'm not so easily beat!" --A Day To Remember



“Thank you, Shinji. You’re a good friend.”

“I sure am, aren’t I?”


Hueco Mundo…


Ichigo’s POV

You’d left Mikomi back in the world of the living while you, Kenpachi, and Yachiru were coursing through Hueco Mundo. You were confident that she’d be safe under Shinji’s watch. So far, nothing had gone to plan, and with Aizen’s plan to kill the entire populous of Karakura Town, things were beginning to seem more and more hopeless...but you had to do all you could to stop this, starting with getting your friends back from this deathtrap.

“Kurosaki,” Kenpachi snapped you out of your thoughts. “Do you honestly think this is the way to go?”

“What d’you mean?” you asked as the two of you hurried through the desert.

“The Princess is the one they really want. I’m sure by now they know she’s with Hirako. Don’t you think you should let your friends find their own way outta here and protect her?”

You paused, looking away from him. You had been conflicted about that from the very beginning, since you haven’t exactly been the perfect guardian, but you couldn’t just leave Rukia and the others behind. “I know Mikomi is my top priority...but at the same time, I know she’ll be safe where I left her. My friends on the other hand, I don’t know what’s happened to them. We need all the help we can get against Aizen, don’t we?”

He turned straight ahead, considering. “You’re a shitty guardian, but you do have a point.”

The two of you had finally arrived at the clearing where you last fought Grimmjow and Nnoitra. It was desolate, and still ravaged from the fight. You pressed forward deeper into the fortress. You weren’t sure where Rukia or any of the others were, so you had to rely on your instinct.

“Kenny, wait!” Yachiru pointed as Kenpachi slowed down. You followed suit, wondering what it was they was looking at.

“Uryu!” you rushed over to your friend. He just made it out of what used to be the room Mikomi was being held in.

“Ichigo!” he caught up with you. “You managed to defeat them without getting a single scratch on you?”

“Ichi here was almost dead by the time Kenny and I got here!” Yachiru giggled, as Kenpachi folded his arms.

“Mikomi defeated Emiko. I defeated the sixth Espada, Grimmjow, and was halfway through a fight with the fifth, Nnoitra, ‘til these two showed up and took care of ‘im.” you explained. “The both of us were pretty banged up, so we managed to get back to the Human World to get fixed up by Orihime.”

Uryu perked up at the mention of Orihime’s name. “So you came back for us, huh?”

“Of course I did. Besides, we’re gonna need you guys’ help to face Aizen and his lackeys in Fake Karakura Town.”

“Fake Karakura Town?” Uryu inquired.

“It’s a long story.” you sighed.

“One neither of you will have a chance at finishing.” a voice suddenly chimed in. All eyes darted across the sandy plain to a familiar threat you had to dispose of.

“Ulquiorra.” you and the others instinctively got on guard.

“Kenny, we should go find the others.” Yachiru told Kenpachi, sensing a battle about to take place.

“You’re joking. I came back here expecting to see some action!” he locked eyes with Ulquiorra with a bloodthirsty grin.

“She’s right, Kenpachi.” you held your arm out to keep him from doing anything drastic. “You two should help Rukia and the others.”

“I just managed to find you. I’ll cover your back.” Uryu said.

“Uryu, don’t--” you were about to protest.

“You’re terrible at sensing others’ spirit energy anyway. Once we get rid of him, I can easily guide us to the others and we can leave this place together. Come on, Ichigo!” he insisted.

“What difference will your bickering make?” Ulquiorra stepped forward. “None of you will make it out of this place alive.”

Kenpachi cracked a smile, his patience obviously wearing thin. He tore himself away from the scene and face the opposite direction. “Fine. Go ahead and kill the bastards so I can have a stab at ya!”

You just watched as he disappeared into the fortress to find Rukia and the others and sighed. “Very encouraging, Kenpachi.”

“I was incapacitated by that brute and could not properly keep watch over the Princess. We can’t have Lord Aizen finding out about that.” he said, referring to Grimmjow. “Fortunately, once I venture to the Human World I can retrieve her.”

“Like you’ll even get that far.” you snarled, stepping forward with your hand on your sword. Ulquiorra paused, studying you with that collected, blank expression.

“I suppose I will have to deal with the two of you first, then.”

“It’s about time we finished this.”

(Author’s Note: Ignore Orihime’s appearance, sorry about that. Stop at 45:00)

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Once Ulquiorra had disintegrated, you immediately turned your attention to Uryu. He was still sitting there, his hand firmly pressed against his abdomen.

“Uryu,” you knelt down next to him.

“Glad to have you back, Ichigo…” he coughed. The blood was beginning to seep through his clothes. “Don’t bother saying anything...I know it wasn’t you…”

“But still..!” you clenched your teeth.

“Just help me up, will ya?” he threw his arm around your shoulder. Slowly, you held onto his arm and helped him stand to his feet. “Once we get back to the Human World I’ll just have Orihime deal with you.”

You just smirked, appreciating the fact that he was trying to make some light out of the situation. He guided you along to where Rukia and the others were. As the two of you trudged along, you couldn’t help but think about how dangerous this Hollow was, and how it nearly killed your friend.

‘Zangetsu...are you even there anymore..?’

The spiritual pressure was growing stronger with every step the two of you took into the fortress. You pressed forward, knowing the others were closeby.

“It doesn’t seem like Chad and Renji are doing so well…” Uryu strained. Since he could differentiate between spirit energy better than you could, you had to take his word for it, but you couldn’t lose faith in your comrades right now.


In The World of the Living…


Chihiro’s POV

The Fake Karakura Town was already set in place, and all innocent humans were safeguarded to the Soul Society. At this point, your mind was settled with the fact that your dad, Yuzu, and Karin were safe for the time being. That was only one thing, however. You were going to take Aizen head on in this battle. Sure, you had the entire Gotei Thirteen, Team Strawberry, the Urahara Shop, and the Visored on your side, but you experienced firsthand how strong Aizen was, and it was shaking your confidence right now. You were the host of the infamous God of War, Reikoku, but you were still Chihiro Fushigi, and you were still afraid. Right now, you were meeting up with Toshiro and Rangiku further in town.

“Ah, Hiro, you made it.” Rangiku waved as you caught up with them. Along with the two, your eyes widened at all the Gotei Thirteen Captains and their lieutenants standing there. In the very front was Head Captain Yamamoto.

“You’re here too, old man?” you blinked from surprise.

“I hope you understand, Chihiro Fushigi, that while we are allies for the time being, your crimes against the Soul Society will not be overlooked. Also, our sole purpose in defeating Aizen is for survival, and for the protection of the Princess. Nothing and no one else.” he told you.

You swallowed hard. You averted your eyes from his and nodded. “All I care about is saving my town. Do whatever you want after that.”


Mikomi’s POV

“Kasai, what the hell happened back on Hueco Mundo? If Kenpachi didn’t show up when he did, we could’ve died!”

“That arrancar had the power to sap my firepower! There’s only so much I’m able to do, Mikomi.”

While you were at the Visored hideout, all that was left to really do was wait. You couldn’t stand it, so you decided to talk things out with Kasai in meditation. Even while Ichigo and nearly everyone else you knew go out and fight, it would be to protect you, and all you could do was sit back and watch.

“Kasai, everyone’s gonna try to fight Aizen. Everyone’s gonna risk their lives to protect us and this town. I can’t just hide here and wait for all this shit to blow over.” you shook your head.

“You cannot face him, Mikomi. I’m the one he wants.” she tried to reason with you.

“I’m sick of being so useless all the time!” you shouted.

“Well how do you think I feel!?” she shouted back.

“Think of something that’d help, damn it! What’s the point of having all this power if everyone else fights for you!?” you glared at her. She paused, calming down a bit. She seemed to be considering what you were saying. “Come on, Kasai. There has to be a way we can help. After all, you’re the one who knows Aizen better than anyone.”

“I-It was all a lie...he never truly let me in.” she looked away.

“He’s completely and utterly obsessed with you. Every step he’s taken up to this point has been to get to you. He’s calculated every phase almost perfectly, and has been able to read everyone’s thoughts and actions well enough to manipulate them into whatever he wants…” you tapped your chin. She listened in, waiting for your point. “But you can’t tell me that he’s been completely careful with you. You are his unknown variable.”

“What?” her eyebrows furrowed from confusion.

“This is why he’s so enamored with you. Kasai, the fact of the matter is that if he restores power to the Hogyoku, he wouldn’t need you--I mean, he could pass through the Ouken, kill your father and become the Spirit King no problem--but he wants you at his side.” you told her. “There is something about you that causes him to weaken. He can’t keep cool when it comes to you.”

“Why does any of this matter, Mikomi?” she said exasperatedly. “It’s not like we’re the ones who’s supposed to end all this. Ichigo and Zangetsu have to fulfill the prophecy and--”

“Fuck that!” you cut her off. “Why are we still relying on this stuffy old prophecy? Every time we had to rely on Zangetsu to pull through for you, it always failed! From the very beginning...Aizen was your problem. Zangetsu happened to get involved later. You have to end this, no one else.”

Her mouth fell agape from this newfound revelation. She sighed, looking away. “Me..? How could I..?”

“I’m not saying you have to do this by yourself. You can use me, and Ichigo and the others will surely help…” you put your hand on hers. “But we can’t sit around waiting to be rescued. It has to be us.

“Don’t worry. We gotta remember that Aizen’s a master at manipulating people, and while you have something over him, you’re susceptible to that, too.” you told her.

“You’re right...all this time, I’ve been hiding from his mindgames and manipulation by hiding behind Zangetsu and Reikoku and even Shinji...I just couldn’t deal with how badly it affected me so long ago…” she shook her head.

“We’ll be stronger this time. Physically and mentally. Everyone’s depending on us.” you took her wrist. She stared down at your hands touching hers, then finally looked up and nodded.

The two of you ended on that note. You opened your eyes, back in Shinji’s warehouse.

“Ah, Mikomi,” Shinji called, greeting you now that you were awake.

“Shinji, I know you and the others are planning to fight and leave me here with Hachigen,” you began.

“That is the plan…” he nodded.

“Well, change of plans.” you told him. All eyes fell on you. “I’m going to help. I’m going to fight. There’s something about Kasai that Aizen wants.”

“Well, yeah, that’s why we need her protected.” Shinji folded his arms.

“There’s also something about her that’s stronger than him, and he knows that. I get your desire to protect Kasai, but Aizen became a problem as soon as she showed up, didn’t he? Allow her to fix it.” you said.

“You tryna say that it’s her fault Aizen’s a psychopath and all this happened?” his eyebrows furrowed.

“I’m trying to say that maybe the only way to end this is if Kasai faces this problem head on instead of hiding behind everyone to do it for her.” you told him. He was a good foot taller than you, but it didn’t steer you away from standing your ground. He exhaled, closing his eyes.

“Pretty bold choice in casting aside the prophecy, don’t you think?” Shinji surprisingly cracked a smirk.

“Let me train underground, and when Aizen appears, when we’re ready, we will join the fight.” you went on. Shinji glanced around at his fellow Visored. They all seemed to agree in silence. His eyes rested back on you.

“Alright then, Princess. Make every minute count.”

AUTHOR'S NOTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Long time no see guys, as always. Chapter 30's finally here after idk--3 months or so? I very likely could be wrong, buuuuut 31 is coming really soon! Man I'm so excited for this ending! Because I honestly have no idea how it's really gonna end! So this is me writing this on the fly hahah...the original plot helps me alot, but since this is a fanfic I gotta go somewhere with it haha.  Hope it works out 'cause it's ending soon! The goal is to end it by the end of the summer but don't hold me to it okay! ><

Anyway, Ichigo accomplishes his goal in defeating Ulquiorra and finding his friends.  In the Human World however, our heroine Mikomi is tired of sitting around waiting on her man to do everything for her! So she decides to train at the Visored hideout, hoping to get an edge on her own power to stop Aizen herself if it calls for it! ;) So we'll see what happens!



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