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Chapter 32: The Indecisive Battle!

Posted on August 8, 2014 at 11:15 PM

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“And when they all turn against you

you’d better be prepared to fight!” --Sleeping With Sirens


“Even Aizen can’t escape this wall of flames for some time.” he sheathed his sword. “So let’s make sure we finish the rest of them off.”



Chihiro’s POV

Captain Yamamoto had Aizen, Gin, and Tosen indisposed for a while; and his subordinates immediately took action. Baraggan stepped up, assuming the position of the leader. The rest of your side got on guard.

“Well then, how should we go about this?” he began. “We are heavily outnumbered. Our boss is incapacitated. The God of War has valuable information on who we are and how we fight.”

“You shouldn’t underestimate Lord Aizen, Baraggan.” Tia Harribel called.

“And you shouldn’t underestimate me, Harribel.” Baraggan retorted. “Since our boss is unable to, I’ll be the one giving out orders. No one better have a problem with that.”

Tia Harribel and her fraccion remained indifferent. Stark just shrugged.

“I have a theory based off of this Fake Karakura Town.” Baraggan began again. “You set up four pillars around each corner of the city to facilitate the switch between the real city and this fake one. Now...what would happen if we were to destroy these pillars?”

Your eyes widened as four of his fraccion stepped up and dashed off in opposite directions. You jerked your head toward the captains, and they all continued to stand there, unfazed.

“Th-They know where the pillars are! What’re we gonna do!?” Soi Fon’s lieutenant, Omaeda started to panic.

“You fool. Do you honestly think we’d leave those four pillars unattended? There are strong warriors guarding them!” Captain Yamamoto said. Omaeda looked around, and suddenly realized.

“Oh, Ikkaku, Yumichika, Izuru and Shuhei! Why didn’t anyone tell me?!”

“You should’ve been paying attention, idiot.”

Relieved that situation was taken care of, you noticed a change in atmosphere. Baraggan was growing impatient, and the rest of his fraccion sensed this. One of them stood, hoping to calm down their boss.

“Uh--Baraggan-sama...we’ll definitely defeat all of them shortly. So please don’t worry.”

Suddenly, each captain and respective lieutenant dispersed across the battlefield that was Fake Karakura Town, challenging each Espada and fraccion. Soi Fon and her lieutenant were up against the remainder of Baraggan’s fraccion. Captain Ukitake and Kyoraku were against Coyote Stark and his fraccion, Lillynette. Toshiro was against Harribel, which left Rangiku against the three of her fraccion. You knew where you were needed now.

“Rangiku!” you called as one of the fraccion was about to hit her. You charged, sending a glowing fist at the attacking fraccion.

“Chihiro…” you heard Rangiku say, obviously surprised to see you here. The fraccion you hit flew down against a nearby building. The other two watched in awe as their teammate was sent flying out of the battlefield, then glared back at you.

“Three on one is a little unfair, isn’t it?” you scoffed, standing next to Rangiku. “So, what’re we dealing with here?”

“The one you knocked out is known as Mila Rose. The one with the short hair and bad attitude is Emilou Apacci. The long haired quiet one is Sun-Sun. They want to get rid of us quickly so they can help their boss Espada fight.” she explained.

You looked up at Harribel fighting Toshiro, thinking that he had everything under control and under no circumstances should you let any of these fraccion interrupt.

“Just who the fuck d’you think you are, kid!?” the one known as Apacci barked. You didn’t answer, and just assumed fighting stance. She gave a cocky smirk. “Fine, if that’s how you wanna play it. Here I come!”

She charged into you head on, throwing a large, red blast from her hands. You extended your hands, catching the blast with your bare hands and redirecting it to her other comrade, Sun-Sun. Frozen from shock at how you did that with your bare hands, she didn’t even notice you dart in front of her. Before she could react, you kneed her hard in the stomach, causing her to keel over. The next blow was an elbow into her back, sending her down below.

“You aren’t done yet, little boy.” a voice distracted you. You turned, seeing Sun-Sun. If you hadn’t moved away in time, her sai-like zanpaktou would have pierced you through the heart. Fortunately, you got away with a cut. From your distance, you saw Mila Rose return to the battle to get you back, but Rangiku engaged her instead.

“Chihiro, below you!” Rangiku’s voice called. You heeded her words, seeing a bright light growing closer and closer. It was a cero, most likely coming from Apacci. You dodged the attack, but Sun-Sun was so damn fast, she appeared in front of you, kicking you right back into the blast.

“Agh!” you lost composure for a moment. Sun-Sun came after you in your moment of weakness. However, you sensed her pop up behind you and spun your leg around, kicking her away from your space and into a nearby building.

“Forgetting someone!?” you heard Apacci snarled, coming at you way too quickly for you to react. This was the downside to all your power; You could do a great deal of damage, but you’re only very effective at close range and you weren't very fast.

Before she could deal the blow, she was hit by a sudden explosion. Your eyes widened and wandered to where this attack came from.

“Momo..!” Rangiku gasped. You weren’t too sure who this girl was, but she seemed to be an ally, which was a relief.

“Don’t worry, Rangiku. It’s taken me a long time, but I realize that Aizen is an enemy of the Soul Society now.” she said, gripping her zanpaktou.

“I know how uneasy you must feel, Rangiku, fighting alongside two traitors who once fought alongside Aizen,” you began, preparing your energy for your next round. “But you’ll just have to take our word when we say that we fight for the good of Karakura now."


Hours later…



Orihime’s POV

Fake Karakura Town was exactly as Mr. Urahara described it; an exact replica of the true one, however, it lacked a certain liveliness. The sky seemed darker, despite being in the middle of the afternoon. Sosuke Aizen appeared here a few hours ago, the battle between the Soul Society and Aizen’s army has been fierce. You’ve been treating wounded Shinigami as Jinta and Ururu dragged them through Urahara’s hideout. They would come in, you would heal them, and they would dash right back out to get themselves hurt again.

Mr. Urahara and Yoruichi were running around the hideout preparing for the war. You had no idea what they would be up to, but you had faith they would just win. Just now, Tessai came through the doors carrying Ikkaku Madarame on his back. The bald bloodlust of a man was laid down, falling in and out of consciousness.

“You think that Kenpachi guy’s still in Hueco Mundo? We could really use him out there…” Ururu hummed.

“Captain..! Captain, I tried..!” Ikkaku started to squirm as you used your powers to heal his wounds.

“Try not to move, Ikkaku.” you told him, hoping he would hear you through his delirium.

As he laid there, being brought back to reality by your power, you wondered just how long this would go on. You had no problem healing people in this war effort, you just couldn’t help but worry about how strong Aizen was...what if his army delivers a blow so grievous to your side, you wouldn’t be able to help them?

“Thank you, Orihime...I’m feeling a lot better already.” Ikkaku cracked a smile, sitting up. You looked over at him as he stretched a little and stood to his feet, as if he wasn’t close to dying a few minutes ago. You smiled, a little more confident about the situation now.

“Where d’you think that idiot Ichigo is now?” he gazed outside the window, rubbing the back of his head. When you didn’t respond right away, he looked back at you and laughed a little. “Ah, I’m asking the wrong person. You’re more concerned about that Quincy kid, aren’t you?”

You shook your head and snapped back to reality. “Oh! No, it’s just...I know he’ll show up. He always does.”

“Ichigo or Quincy kid?” Ikkaku snorted. You glared at him and turned your attention to the backdoor, wondering if any more of your friends would come through.

Ikkaku was right about you being worried about something, but surprisingly, it wasn’t particularly a person. It was more about how all this would end, and what would happen once it does. You tried to follow Ichigo’s example of living life one step at a time, and worry about things as they happen, but this was it. Whoever wins this war will drastically change the meaning of all life.

‘Of course we’re trying to win, but...what happens once we do..? What will happen to Ichigo when peace is restored and he has no reason to fight anymore? What will happen to the rest of us..?’


Chihiro’s POV

The battle between you, Momo, Rangiku and Harribel’s fraccion had finally ended. By the looks of things, the rest of the Gotei Thirteen--despite the losses they have taken--had defeated their respective opponents as well. You glanced over at the flaming prism Head Captain Yamamoto sealed Aizen and his partners in, seeing that the fire was finally dying down.

“The flames...are we ready..?” Rangiku muttered, still trying to catch her breath. Before you could even think up a response, a startling amount of new spirit energy came rushing into the area. The closer it got, the more familiar it became.

“Could it be…”

“Well, looks like all distractions were all handled for us, gang.”

It was Shinji Hirako and his gang of Visored, here to aid the Soul Society in taking this tyrant down. They stood directly in front of Aizen, Gin, and Tosen as the flames died down. The hatred Shinji felt for Aizen was apparent in his spike in spirit energy, but he had an unsettling smile on his face, as if he knew something Aizen didn’t.

“Shinji Hirako.” Aizen cracked a smile. “It’s been quite some time. Life in exile’s been quite good to you.”

“Over 100 years. Looks like you haven’t changed a bit either, you twisted son of a bitch.” Shinji scoffed with that same smile. Aizen averted his eyes with a smirk, as if he was talking to an old friend.

“It almost feels as if I should have brought you all something to celebrate this reunion...besides your imminent death, I mean.”

“Oh, what a shame! We brought you a gift, actually!” Shinji replied, piquing Aizen’s interest. He stepped aside, causing everyone’s eyes to widen from shock. “Besides your imminent death, I mean…”

A blast of fire shot out at Aizen and his cohorts, barely giving them enough time to dodge it. The blast was so much more powerful than Captain Yamamoto’s flame barrier; it singed Aizen and Gin’s clothes, and managed to completely engulf Kaname Tosen. The man fell like a flaming meteor right off of his perch in the sky to the ground. You all stared wide-eyed at the blast of fire that just sent out one third of Aizen’s trinity soaring to the ground.

At that moment, you finally saw it, you finally saw Aizen’s calm and collected demeanor falter. His composure had dissipated for a moment, his brows were knit together in bewilderment and he was finally speechless. Since he had nothing to say, you turned your attention to who delivered that blast of fire.

“Well done, Princess…” a grin spread across Shinji’s face.

Your sister finally stepped out into the open, cracking her knuckles, watching Aizen’s off-put expression with stone cold eyes.

 photo Coverpage_zpsf73d747f.png




Your mouth fell agape as the rest of the Gotei Thirteen stared in shock. She looked so much more powerful than you’ve ever seen her. The bond between she and the Fire Goddess was unmistakably close now...what happened between now and the last time you’ve seen her?



AUTHOR'S NOTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ah, this is the part of my summer where I don't have too much to do, and I can actually work on completing this! The calm before the "back to school" storm >.>

Anyway, I feel it was kinda lazy to not include any real info on how to fight between the arrancar and the soul society went, but I figured not to waste time on that and just get back to Mikomi, our heroine! She finally joins the battle at the very end, nice cliffhanger for ya there~

Omg that drawing was the first Mikomi drawing I've done in YEARS (every banner thus far was pretty much pre-made)..finally drawing her again after taking some real art classes, I'm actually proud of how she turned out haha. Our girl isn't screwing around now, she's ready to take on Aizen, but will he really take her on??


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