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Chapter 3: Pretty Boyfriend!

Posted on May 6, 2011 at 10:55 PM


‘Atleast you'll have my...heart. You know you shine so bright. Got a single silver bullet, shot right through my heart, to prove I can't survive without you.' --Hawthorne Heights


“Her actions may go as planned since she doesn’t know any better…but you won’t be able to take it for much longer. I know you.”

“…Zangetsu’s glad you’re alright, by the way…”





Ichigo’s POV

Today was Tuesday, and you were hoping to get it over with as quickly as you did Monday. Before you knew it, you had a follower. Blonde hair, slim build, and that distinctive smile.


“Something you want, Shinji?” you rolled your eyes over to him.


“Y’know, I get the feeling you don’t like me very much.” He pouted.


“I don’t know you.” You scoffed.


“Yes you do, Ichigo.” He poked your chest, signaling Zangetsu residing in your soul.


“How d’you know my name?” you rubbed your chest. He shrugged with a smirk, glancing off. “Well, you’re right. You tryna mess things up would cause me to not like you.”


“Mess things up? I’m trying to help you.” Shinji said. You rolled your eyes, trying to tune him out. After a small pause, he spoke again. “You wanna see what happens when things go your way?”


“Things will be fine if they go my way. Now stay outta this.” You scoffed.


“Maybe they will…for everyone else but you.” Shinji gestured his head to the campus. You peered over to the entrance where you usually meet your friends. Your eyes widened in shock and disdain. Haruko had his filthy hand at the nape of Mikomi’s neck, and closed in on her pretty face; kissing her deeply in front of all your friends and schoolmates…What killed you was that she kissed back…


“See you in homeroom, chump.” Shinji stuck his hands in his pockets, headed to class. He left you standing there, with your mouth agape, just watching the two of them. You had to talk to her, you knew in the back of your mind what this was, but your heart wouldn’t let you rest until you made sure it was a mistake.


“Mikomi,” you began, taking your seat next to her.


“Hey! Man, you should’ve been there yesterday!” she grinned with a blush, beginning the conversation herself.


‘Thank God I wasn’t.’ you glanced off, trying to keep the scowl off your face. You played along, asking; “Been there for what?”


“Okay…so I was right, there was no band practice at all yesterday. Instead, Haruko tricked me and picked me up in his car.” She said.


“For what?” you inquired, though you were able to tell what he might have done.


“He confessed that he was in love with me…since like, Junior High! That was one of the main reasons he wanted me to join the band!” she said blissfully. “He said it was now or never…and he asked if I wanted to go out with him. I said yes, hehe.”


You just studied the look on her face as she relived yesterday afternoon; she was genuinely happy to date this guy…


‘What’s so good about him? Other than the fact that he has a band, sings, plays guitar, has a car, countless fangirls, has the Rockstar look down-pat, and is ridiculously good-looking?’ you thought. Your eyebrow twitched, realizing that he was exactly Mikomi’s type of guy, while you were more like her total opposite…not like she remembered.


“I was tryna tell you about it earlier this morning. Where were you?” she asked.


‘Sulking.’ You thought, while trying to think up a lie. “Oh, I was um…running a little late. I just got here.”


“Hm. That’s not like you.” She said.


“Just…one of those days, y’know?” you shrugged, poking your cheek with your eraser. She looked at you for a moment, possibly sensing your lies, and then got back to her work.



Lunch time…



You had to sneak out of school for lunch, and pay a visit to the Urahara Shop. When you got there, Mr. Urahara was lounging around, fanning himself and drinking tea. You slid the doors open and came inside.


“Hey old man,” you called.


“Ichigo! What a pleasant surprise!” he grinned. He must’ve cheered up from erasing Mikomi’s memory…you wished you could get over it that fast. “What brings you to my humble shop?”


“One question,” you began.


“Oh--! Don’t even tell me, it’s about Mikomi, isn’t it?” he cut you off with a chuckle.


“She’s dating someone else now…” you said. He paused, his eyes falling back down to the floor.


“I honestly gave her about a week before she’d find someone else.” He frowned. An anime vein pop appeared on your head.


“You guys placed bets on when she’d find a new boyfriend?!”


“You had a pretty hot girlfriend, Ichigo. You should’ve known yourself that it wouldn’t take long.” Urahara smirked.


“So, what, we shouldn’t be worried?” your eyebrows furrowed.


“I can understand why you’d be worried…but no, we shouldn’t be. In fact, this is better for the situation.” He said. You blinked a few times, unable to believe this. “It puts way less stress on you, doesn’t it? If she’s with her new boyfriend all the time, she’ll be less likely to get into any spiritual trouble.”


“But…” you stared down at the ground, trying to find something wrong with this.


“Who is the guy?” Mr. Urahara asked.


“Haruko Takashi…from her band, Hizoku.” You answered.


“Oh! That kid! He’s fine. I’ve seen Mikomi perform from afar a few times. That kid’s a dreamboat.” Urahara questionably grinned from behind his fan. You twisted your face up in a scowl.


“You don’t know that kid! He’s…he’s..!”


“Perfect?” Urahara smirked. You sighed, leaving your sentence at that. “Come on, Ichigo. He’s not a delinquent that’ll get her into any trouble, he’s not spiritually aware, and he’s a nice guy from what we’ve seen. Just tolerate it for a little while.”


You rubbed your spiky orange head, knowing you’ve lost this one. You had to watch your girl with some other guy you didn’t like. Worse off, you had nothing on him. You decided to change the subject.


“Where’s Yoruichi?”


“Keeping a close watch over Chihiro at school.” He answered.


“Why doesn’t she just take him here? Why are you guys stalling in getting anything out of him? D’you guys really think this is easy for me!?” your blood began to rise.


“She’s studying how Reikoku works in his body, and how Chihiro’s coping with it. We gotta know how to explain it to him when he gets here, don’t we?” he clicked his fan closed.


You glanced at the clock, and saw that lunch was almost over and you had to get back to school. You turned to leave, disappointed that you couldn’t find an excuse to break those two up. Maybe it was time for you to just forget about it. If Mikomi is happy with him, you should be happy for them, right? You two were only together because of Kasai and Zangetsu anyway, right? If you ignore it long enough, the feelings would go away…right..?


When you got to your locker after lunch, it was no surprise that Mikomi caught up with you…with Haruko close by.


“Hey, where were you at lunch? We were looking for you.” She said.


We?” you raised an eyebrow. She gestured her head towards Haruko, who was playing the nice-guy card and showing some Freshman directions to his next class. You tried to stop glaring and keep your attention on Mikomi. He caught your eyes on him and he made his way over.


“What’s up, Ichigo?” he gave you a nod, sliding his hand around Mikomi’s waist. Your fist clenched, slowly crumpling the paper folder you were carrying. “Is it cool if I call you Ichigo? Y’know, since we’re so close now.”


“I barely know you.” You tried to say as calmly as possible. It still came out rude, however, since Mikomi shot you one of those “Be nice!” looks.


“Hehe, we’ve seen eachother every day at school and at band practice for the past four years…” Haruko cracked a nervous smirk.


“Hm, that’s about how long it took ya to come out with the fact that you were crazy about Mikomi, right?” you randomly changed the subject.


“Uh…” Haruko blinked.




The bell rang, causing the students to scatter.


“Well, I gotta go…see ya, beautiful.” Haruko lightly kissed her before jetting off to class. Once he left, Mikomi caught up with you, totally pleased with your display.


“Wanna tell me what all that was about!?”


“What? We talked. Isn’t that what you wanted?” you shrugged.


“No, Ichigo! I wanted you to be friends with him, not to scare him!” she said.


“There’s no way in hell I’d--!” your voice began to rise. You stopped yourself, seeing the baffled look on her face. It was getting obvious to her, already. You had to find a better way to do this.


“Ichigo, listen…” she began. You turned away from her.


“I’m sorry…I just have a lot on my mind right now.” You said, actually telling the truth for a change.


“What’s wrong? You can tell me anything.” She rested her hand on your shoulder. You just looked her in those big hazel eyes. She didn’t know how wrong she was. You only wished you could tell her what you wanted to tell her. You pasted on a small smile and shook your head.


“It’s nothing, really.”


“You’re the worst liar.” She replied. “Well…whenever you’re ready to talk about it…I’m here. I’m always here.”


“Yeah.” You smiled, continuing to your class. You took in a deep breath, hoping you didn’t upset her too badly. You glanced up and saw Shinji standing in the corner, looking as if he paid for a bad movie. You walked right past him, knowing what he might say. You couldn’t deny it, what Shinji said to you made so much sense, but you were done breaking rules. You couldn’t screw this up…no matter how much you want to.









Relatively short chapter…I’m saving all the good parts for later in the arc ;) Nothing much to say about it…other than Mikomi’s dating Haruko and Ichigo HATES it! Shinji doesn’t like this idea in the least, and is pushing Ichigo to break the rules and get his girl back! What’ll Ichigo do? Be a good boy and keep his true feelings for Mikomi hidden? Or follow Shinji’s advice and get her back from her pretty boy-friend??

Check out the next chapter next week!


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Reply Kagome Narome
12:05 AM on May 7, 2011 
:) You used my picture!!! YAY!! Well, that was very short, but i still liked it! lol kiskue bet a week before she moved on...yeah, i was bet'n two, three days before she moved on...I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE THAT THEY DON'T LOVE EACH OTHER ANYMORE...well Ichigo still loves her, and Mikomi loves him, she jsut doesn't know it...I want to bet two weeks her and Haruko will last before she comes crying to Ichigo about how Haruko broke her heart, and then she's going to fall asleep on Ichigo's bed after he let her cry her eyes out, and then she's going to wake up in his arms and she's going to get feelings about him again...lol just looking a head... I should shut up now!~ :) Awesome Chapter!
Reply Shadow of Despair
10:19 PM on May 16, 2011 
woaw, Ichigo really is under to much pressure, if he feels any worse well be here for him XP
nice chap