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Chapter 29: Useless Confrontation

Posted on March 4, 2014 at 1:55 AM

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'I guess they don't wanna say it to your face but I will cause somebody's gotta put you in your place

I'm not afraid to scream and shout

And freak out and throw my hands up

And let it out' --Issues


The World of the Living, Present Time


Ichigo’s POV

You, Kinan and Mikomi all went to meet up with everyone downstairs to discuss what would happen next. In the room across from yours, Orihime and Chihiro came out. Kinan ruffled his son’s hair before strolling down the stairs. Chihiro smirked, but the same anxious expression returned to his face. He looked over at you, then looked back down at the ground.

“Hiro...” you called. He flinched a little, then looked back at you. You set your hand on his head. “You’ve been through a lot. There wasn’t a lot you could’ve done in your situation...don’t beat yourself up.”

His green eyes met yours, a little calmed by your words. He turned, joining the others downstairs. You continued down and took a seat next to Mikomi. The atmosphere was heavy, and you knew the proposal you were about to make wouldn’t be easy, but you just hoped everyone--especially Mikomi--would be prepared.

“First and foremost, we should express our gratitude to Captain Zaraki for helping get the Princess out of harm’s way.” Mr. Urahara gestured his hand to Kenpachi, who was seated next to Kinan on the end.

“Is it hot in here? Or is it just me? Wow, I’m feeling really heavy all of a sudden..!” Kinan drew in a breath while fanning himself.

“Perhaps you shouldn’t sit so close to Captain Zaraki, Kinan...” Yoruichi offered to switch places with him.

“Why not? That’d be just rude. Besides, I kinda like his weird hairstyle!” Kinan smiled, though he was about to pass out.

“Thanks for the...compliment.” Kenpachi patted Kinan on the back, causing him to fall to the floor. “But maybe you should listen to her. All my spirit influence could potentially kill you.”

“Anyway,” Toshiro brought the topic back. “Chihiro has informed us that Aizen’s next and final stop is here, Karakura Town. He plans to use the energy from all the inhabitants to restore power to the Hogyoku.”

“No doubt he’s gonna start looking for Mikomi when he gets here. There’s no way he’d expect her to still be in Hueco Mundo when three squad Captains have infiltrated.” Mr. Urahara said. He looked over at Mikomi. “We’ve gotta stash the Princess in a place he’d never guess.”

“Where d’you have in mind?” you asked.

“The only thing we’re sure Aizen doesn’t yet know about is the Visored.” Yoruichi said. She looked over at you with a shrug. “They’re not exactly friends, but they’re surely not foes. We know for a fact that Shinji Hirako is a definite ally of Kasai. He’d never turn her down.”

“Poor lovestruck bastard is still alive, huh?” Kenpachi scoffed.

“Ask Shinji and the other Visored to protect Mikomi...I guess that’s our only option...” you scratched your orange head.

“Wait a second, why ask Shinji? Why exactly are we relieving Ichigo of his duties?” Mikomi asked. The room fell silent. Everyone knew what had to be done, and you had to tell her. You looked her in those big hazel eyes.

“Listen, now that I’m good as new, I’ve gotta go back to Hueco Mundo.”

“But...” she began.

“Chad, Uryu, Renji, Rukia...they’re all still back there. I’ve gotta help them and bring them back here. Also, that fourth Espada, Ulquiorra...he was assigned by Aizen to specifically keep you in line. I’ve gotta deal with him so he doesn’t try to come find you.” you told her. With that, she didn’t argue anymore. She just nodded, listening in on the rest of the briefing.

“We’ll put a little wedge in Aizen’s plan for Karakura Town...with a fake Karakura Town.” Urahara began. Almost everyone in the room shared a look of confusion. He continued. “As we speak, General Yamamoto, myself, and the Shinigami Research and Development branch are coming up with a plan to have Aizen walk into a replica of Karakura Town while the real Karakura Town is safe in the Soul Society. That way, everyone in the town, all your friends and loved ones will be safe until Aizen is dealt with.”

You looked over at the clueless Kinan, wondering if he, your own father, your sisters, and all your school friends would be safe from harm in the Soul Society. The plan sounded fullproof enough for you to go along with it.

“The Gotei Thirteen will be arriving once the Fake Karakura Town has been set in place. No need for you two to worry about how or when. You’ve both got different objectives that don’t require either of you to be here.” Yoruichi said.

“In that case, Chihiro,” Toshiro called. Chihiro flinched a little, then looked over at him. “Would you be willing to call on the War God’s power and fight? After all, this is an all-out war we’re going into...”

“Of course I’ll fight! There’s no way Aizen can get away with this!” he nodded with a fiery look in his eye.

“Good. General Yamamoto wanted you to know that you will aiding him in leading the Gotei Thirteen in this endeavor.” he nodded. Your mouth fell agape. This eleven-year-old boy would be co-commanding the Thirteen Court-Guard Squads in a spiritual warfare?

“Yamamoto’s okay with having a traitor as his right hand?” Chihiro scoffed.

“You’re the best lead we’ve got, especially in getting this far.” Toshiro folded his arms. “Besides, while you did commit some serious crimes against the Soul Society as well as the Human World, we know that Reikoku's grudge against Aizen is something we could definitely use now that we’ve got it.”

“Now that that’s settled, Orihime, we’re still going to need you around here for helping out with any casualties that befall our side. You may have to stay relatively close to the shop so that Aizen or anyone on his side doesn’t bother you.” Urahara said.

“Got it!” she saluted with her cheery smile.

“Yoruichi, Hitsugaya, and Rangiku will all be on the battlefront. What about you, Kenpachi?” Urahara asked.

“Eh, my previous mission was never actually finished. I’ll go back to Las Noches with this idiot and find his friends. Who knows, Kurotsuchi and Kuchiki might need some help, too.” he smirked at the thought of more battles.

“Then it’s settled. Kinan, go on home. You’re in for a long break.” Urahara opened his fan. He gave Yoruichi sad eyes. Before everyone could notice, she stood up and walked outside, signaling him to follow. Before he followed her outside, he turned to you, his kids, and Orihime.

“Say...when this is all over...things will more or less go back to normal, wouldn’t it?”

You all looked over at him, wondering what to say. You nodded.

“I’m going to work hard to get a new house and repay everyone who’s helped me along the way. So win this fight! So we can be a family again!” he cheered you on. You smiled, actually lifted in spirits. “Orihime, it must be lonely in that apartment...you should become part of our family instead...if you’d like.”

“F-Fushigi-san...” Orihime gasped, getting misty-eyed.

“I’ll go visit Isshin! I’ll see you all at home, okay?” he nodded with a wave, just before leaving the shop.

“Bye for now, Dad...” you heard Mikomi say.

“Alright, then.” Mr. Urahara stood up. “Let’s all head out back. Let’s get Ichigo and Kenpachi back to Las Noches.”

“Good luck. We’re expecting you back.” Rangiku said as she and Toshiro left out the front entrance to patrol the town. “Chihiro, you should come with us. But first, escort your sister to the Visored hideout.”

“Right.” Chihiro nodded, standing near the front entrance. Kenpachi and Orihime followed Mr. Urahara out the back door. You stood up, about to do the same, but Mikomi grabbed your hand. Not taking another step, you looked back at her. Her eyes were down on the floor, or perhaps looking at your silver bracelets.

“Hey, we can’t waste time.” you set your hand on her head, inching closer to her. “I’ll be back. I promise.”

A blush streaked her face as her eyes darted toward your other hand firmly holding her shoulder. “I’ll hold you to that, Kurosaki.”

It had to end with just a hand to her slender shoulder. Anything more would just make it harder for you to leave her. An improper goodbye was enough motivation to complete your mission. You turned away from her and followed Kenpachi out back.


A little while later...


Mikomi’s POV

Once you showed up to the Visored hideout, Chihiro stepped back, turning to leave. You turned toward him, watching his green eyes glance away from the warehouse. “What’s wrong, Hiro?”

He stepped back. Your mouth fell agape at the sight of his eyes flickering back toward you. They were no longer green, signaling Reikoku had taken control, most likely to protect Chihiro. “They know that I caused this shitstorm...being anywhere near this place won’t bring anything but a useless confrontation...”

“Hey, don’t--”

Before you could finish your thought, the door flew open, and Shinji Hirako’s spirit energy blew you and your brother clean off your feet. You rubbed your head, jerking your head to where Shinji was. He was furious, standing over Chihiro’s body with his zanpaktou at his throat.

“Well, well, well, of all the things I wouldn’t in a million years expect, it’s for this asshole to show up on my doorstep.” Shinji seethed.

“Shinji, stop!” you screamed, scrambling to your feet.

“See, I told you!” Reikoku glared up at Shinji. “Stand down, Hirako. I’m not here to fight you.”

“I’ve gone through too much shit with you to trust a damn thing you say.” his spiritual pressure spiked. You’d never seen Shinji this angry before. You couldn’t blame him for anything he was feeling, but you were still shocked. “How the Princess continues to trust you is beyond me. You’re a dirty traitor on multiple levels. You deserve the worst possible death, right up there with Aizen and his lackeys!”

“Shinji..?” you heard Mashiro’s voice. More of the Visored, sensing Shinji’s increasing power trickled out of the warehouse.

“No matter what side you claim to be on, all you are is a fuck up! A useless headache!” Shinji barked.

“I’M ON KASAI’S SIDE! NO ONE ELSE’S!” Reikoku bellowed, his spiritual pressure increased.

“BULLSHIT!” Shinji spat at him, looking as if he was about to attack. Almost in a flash, Kasai took control once your guard was down. She bolted toward them, stopping right in front of Chihiro. Wide-eyed, Shinji stopped his blade mid-swing. The wind from the blow crashed onto your neck. You didn’t want to imagine the result of him actually hitting you.

“Kasai, are you insane? I could’ve killed you!” he shouted.

“Are you insane? You could’ve killed him!” she responded, gesturing her hand toward Chihiro. Shinji shot her a look that said “Yeah, that’s the idea”. She huffed. “Chihiro, Shinji. When will you remember that this is Chihiro, not Reikoku!”

Shinji scoffed, sheathing his sword and stepping away from Chihiro’s body. The rest of The Visored all seemed to stare Chihiro down as he stood up, dusting himself off. They all wanted to follow Shinji’s example and go to blows with the entity inside Chihiro’s innocent body, but they just stood where they were. There was an uncomfortable silence as Chihiro looked back at each one of them.

“I won’t bother asking any of you for forgiveness, because I can tell none of you want to hear anything of it.” Reikoku began. “However, I will atone for what I’ve done. To everyone I’ve wronged.”

You only saw Shinji’s back. He was silent, tilting his head back toward the sky. He seemed to be contemplating something, but at the same time waiting for Reikoku to leave. Reikoku seemed to get the hint, and turned to leave.

“I’ll get going. Stay safe, Kasai.”

“Be careful…” she responded, watching him disappear. She took Shinji’s arm in her hand, causing him to turn around. “Shinji, Aizen’s coming here to Karakura Town. He’s going to destroy everything...staying here with you is my only way of going undetected by him.”

“Where is your Guardian?” he asked. “You know, the one who’s a little less of a fuck up?”

“He’s gone back to Hueco Mundo. Ichigo’s friends are still back there, not to mention the Espada in charge of keeping watch over me.” she replied, ignoring his comment about Zangetsu.

“What kinda strategy is that? It ain’t our job to watch over you, it’s his!” Hyori scoffed, folding her arms. “Shinji being with you woulda saved us a shitload of headache, if you asked me.”

She exhaled, ignoring Hiyori’s remark. Once every trace of Reikoku’s spirit energy disappeared, Shinji finally recollected himself and turned to her. She just stared into his eyes, and something told you he wouldn’t, but he eventually caved.

“Hachigen has the ability to keep this area heavily guarded. You’ll be safe here.”

Hiyori groaned, rolling her eyes. The rest of the Visored kept quiet, some of them silently nodding to the new plan. Something told you that they knew Aizen was making his way here, and that they themselves were preparing for their own battle with him. Kasai turned to him, taking his hand in hers.

“Thank you, Shinji. You’re a good friend.”

He halfheartedly accepted, continuing into the warehouse. “I sure am, aren’t I?”

AUTHOR'S NOTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bleh, not much of a chapter, but there was SO MUCH BUILDING UP IT JUST ENDED UP BEING A CHAPTER LONG!! Ugh, next time it'll be more important stuff! But anyway, there were some important stuff in here too! Like the new plan to prepare for Aizen to show up and fuck shit up. 

I love Shinji with my heart and soul, and I gotta say, writing about his unrequited love for Kasai still breaks my heart haha...with college going on, it'll be difficult planning the fates of each character by the end of this, but I'll figure something out. In the meantime,

Is anyone prepared for Aizen coming?

I'm not prepared for Aizen coming.

While Mikomi is relatively safe with Shinji and the others, stay tuned for Ichigo's adventures through Hueco Mundo!



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