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Chapter 31: Fake Karakura Town

Posted on July 27, 2014 at 4:25 PM

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‘Running around in circles, the path I always chose

I hate that I can't accept anything more--than the worn out soles of my shoes

Just say something back, and cut me some slack

Headstrong in the world with the wind at my back" --The Story So Far


“Let me train underground, and when Aizen appears, when we’re ready, we will join the fight.”

“Alright then, Princess. Make every minute count.”



Shinji’s POV

You agreed to let Mikomi and Kasai train in the underground area you trained Ichigo in a while back. You couldn’t believe you were talked into this insane idea by a sixteen-year-old girl, but the more you thought about it, the more it seemed to make sense. Had the stress of it all made you delirious?

“All I’m trying to say that maybe the only way to end this is if Kasai faces this problem head on instead of hiding behind everyone to do it for her.”

You folded your arms, watching her train with Hyori. Kasai’s spirit energy had gotten stronger since you last saw her, but it was still not up to the potential you were expecting. For as long as you remembered, her power drew from her emotions, and her emotions usually relied on her relationship with Zangetsu.

‘God damn it...’ you scoffed, unable to believe you didn’t think of this until now.

“Agh!” Mikomi suddenly crashed down to the ground. Hiyori landed back on the ground, resting her zanpaktou on her shoulder.

“C’mon, Princess, what kinda royal goddess puts up this pathetic of a fight?”

You stepped forward, waving toward Hiyori. “Take a break.”

“As if I broke a sweat.” she scoffed, walking past you.

“Damn it…” Mikomi punched the ground, cursing herself for losing.

“It’s not your fault, Mikomi. Kasai’s the one not giving this her all.” you said, stooping down next to her.

“Hey!” her head jerked toward you, eyes widened and red.

“That got your attention, Kasai.” you nodded. She frowned, looking away. You stared down at her ragged clothes from her spar with Hiyori. “Listen, I know you’re afraid of facing him. It’s not like you’ve ever had to face him head on before.”

“Even when I confronted him the first time...about what he did to you...Zangetsu had to come save me even then..!” she dropped her head. You never really thought about what happened to Kasai after Aizen defeated you until now. In a small way, you were grateful that even though Kasai didn’t care for you in the way that you cared for her, she still cared.

“I’m kind of a shitty friend.” you sighed with a slight laugh.

“What’re you talking about? You’re one of my best friends!” she said incredulously.

“I should’ve been a hell of a lot more honest with you. Mikomi’s sayin’ that you don’t need me or Zangetsu or anybody to get rid of that asshole, and she’s right. I should’ve told you that long ago.” you said. She just looked at you with those big red eyes. It was Mikomi’s face, but you still saw Kasai. You sighed, holding your hand over your eyes. “That night, instead of telling you to rely on yourself, I told you to rely on the strength on some other person.

You ran away from your previous life in search of true happiness. You made the mistake of seeking happiness in another person. Aizen saw this weakness and took total advantage of it.”

“Yes he did…” she clenched her fists.

“But even when you found Zangetsu, you still managed to be miserable. He still managed to fuck things up for you.” you placed your hand on her fists. “I let you down. Reikoku let you down. Zangetsu let you down. It all means that you can’t depend on us. You’ve gotta find your own happiness, and not rely on someone else to complete you and make you whole.”

She just stared down at your hands on her now unclenched fists, considering what you were saying. You wished she would say something, anything that resonated with her, but you two were soon interrupted.

“Shinji!” Kensei called. You both looked up, immediately reading the tense look on his face. “He’s here. It’s time.”

There was a short pause, but it felt like an eternity. The gravity of this situation seemed to hit Kasai like a truck. Her face darkened, and you felt a peculiar spike in her spirit energy, despite being so tired from fighting Hiyori earlier. You stood up and was about to head out, but she got up to follow you.

“Kasai, are you still going through with this?” you turned. “Even though haven’t had much time to prove any progress, we'll still protect you.”

She considered what you said, then shook it off, looking back at you. “It’s alright, Shinji. Either way it goes, I can’t just sit here and do nothing.”

You studied her face. Her stare was stone cold and unwavering. Knowing you wouldn’t have much luck talking her out of anything, you turned to Kensei and Hachi. “Let’s go.”


In Hueco Mundo…


Ichigo’s POV

You and Uryu caught the end of a battle between your friends and one of Aizen’s Espada. You stared at the giant’s defeated body laying in the sand in front of Kenpachi. Rukia, Chad, Renji, and Byakuya were all here with them. You let out a breath of relief.

“Jeez...that’s the second time Kenpachi pulled through for us...I can’t believe you managed to beat him at one point.” Uryu told you.

“I can’t figure out if you’re complimenting or insulting me.” you gave him a side eye.

“How in the hell are we supposed to keep a low profile here if you idiots are all congregated here in one place?” a voice came from nearby. Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi and his lieutenant, Nemu, had appeared along with Captain Unohana.

“Captain Unohana! What’re you doing here?” your eyes widened.

“Preventing any casualties from taking place.” she walked over toward you, gesturing for you to set Uryu down on the ground next to Renji and Chad.

“What happened to them?” you asked Rukia.

“That Espada, Yammy, got to them. Fortunately, Kenpachi managed to get rid of him before Captain Unohana could show up.” she answered. You turned your attention back to Uryu and setting him down gently. Rukia, unable to take your silence, pinched your face.

“O-Ow! What’re you doing, idiot!?”

“It’s been how long since we’ve last seen eachother? And that’s the first thing you say to me!?” she snatched her hand back before you could swat it away. “I did almost die, y’know.”

“Yeah, I heard!” you barked. You huffed, looking away. She chuckled and sat down next to Renji, waiting for Unohana to heal their wounds. You smirked, glad that she was alright.

Once Captain Unohana tended to all of you wounds, she stood with the other captains. You could read behind her calm expression that she had something important to say.

“Ichigo, you have to return to the Human World at once.” she began. “Your friends are safe now, but unfortunately, Aizen and his minions have made it to Karakura Town.”

Your stomach flipped. He made it there already? Rukia turned to you, and you already knew what she was going to say. You stood to your feet, facing Captian Unohana. Uryu and Chad followed suit, and you figured Rukia and Renji would, too, but they stayed with the other Captains.

“We’re going to help monitor Hueco Mundo to make sure no more slip through to the Human World.” Rukia said.

“But…” you began, not wanting to leave her behind. You stopped yourself, however, realizing that you had no time to waste debating this.

“Are you ready, Ichigo?” Captain Unohana opened a senkaimon, the gates to the world of the living. You nodded, prepared to jump though.

‘I’m going to take my life back!’


In the Human World…


Chihiro’s POV

The spiritual pressure settling in Karakura Town was almost crushing. Your stomach flipped, but you drew in a breath and clenched your fists, trying your hardest to be brave. This was all or nothing. Everyone was laying all their cards on the table in this war.

“Relax, Chihiro.” Reikoku said. Upon hearing him say your name, you immediately calmed down.

“No doubt everybody feels that. He knows we’re all waiting.” Rangiku looked up at the sky. Everyone else followed suit, on guard. The tension was rising with every second closer the spirit energy came to the town.

“I want you to know something.” he says. You try to focus on what he’s saying, but not too far from where you are, you see a small group of Hollows begin to combust from being crushed under the dark spiritual pressure coming down. Reikoku continues. “No matter what happens to me, you will be guaranteed to be safe.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” you finally spoke.

“There isn’t much of a future left for me anywhere. This is the end of the line. If I am not killed in the midst of this battle, I will be killed as punishment for the things I’ve done in the past.” he explained.

‘Don’t listen to that old geezer! After you help defeat Aizen, you’re gonna go back with Kasai and live on serving her like you always wanted!’ you clenched your fists, not wanting to say this aloud.

“Chihiro,” he called your name again. You relaxed your fists, realizing tears were threatening to fall. “I’ve already made my peace with dying, don’t worry. I’m going to do right by those who I’ve wronged, and most importantly, Kasai has forgiven me.”

You didn’t have too much time to mull over what he was really trying to say to you. A gaping black hole was ripped into the sky, and there stood Aizen, Gin, and Tosen. You thought you would be more focused on Aizen, but you couldn’t take your eyes off of Gin Ichimaru. There he was, standing with Aizen and Tosen, totally prepared to destroy this place, but back when Aizen was about to kill you, he saved your life.

“Tell Rangiku...not to hold back…”

That smirk on his face convinced everyone around him where his loyalties were, but you weren’t convinced. Why would he help you? Was this part of Aizen’s plan? Once Aizen laid eyes on you, you froze. All you could do was glare back at him.

“It seems we’ve made it in time.” Head Captain Yamamoto said.

“‘Made it in time’? What exactly are you referring to?” Aizen scoffed. “I’m well aware that this isn’t the real Karakura Town. As if it matters.”

He stepped down from the gaping hole he created in the sky, Gin and Tosen followed close behind. About three more black holes were being ripped into the sky, revealing Aizen’s Espada and their fraccion.

“If the real Karakura Town is being safeguarded by the Soul Society, I’ll simply slaughter you all here, find my Princess and create The Ouken in the Soul Society.” he said. You were hearing what Aizen was saying, but your eyes were still on Gin.

“I applaud you, Reikoku, for living another day.” Aizen suddenly called out to you. All eyes flicked toward you for a moment. “You managed to escape from one of my strongest partners and live to tell about it.”

‘Is that what he said happened..? In my condition? Aizen bought that..!?’ you thought. You didn’t want to break Gin’s facade by looking around or doing anything else that would prove that he actually helped you.  This proved to be an advantage in itself.  Aizen was getting cocky, and he trusted his subordinates too much to consider the possibility that they could ever betray him.

“I suppose I’ll overlook it. It won’t matter after you’re all destroyed, anyway.” Aizen said. Gin said nothing, just looking straight at Rangiku with that mysterious smile of his. You decided to turn your attention to the Espada. Once you let Reikoku take control and lend you his power, they all began to notice.

“We should save Aizen for last. Take out everyone else first.” you said. Eighth Captain Shunsui Kyoraku and Thirteenth Captain Jushiro Ukitake both considered your words.

“Which of these guys are the strongest, Chihiro?” Captain Kyoraku asked.

“Somewhere on their bodies, they’re all marked with numbers indicating their rank. Right now, only three Espada are here, and they’re the strongest of the bunch.” you explained. You thought back on everything Reikoku once told you about the Espada. “Third strongest, Tia Harribel. Second strongest, Baraggan Louisenbairn. And the strongest, Coyote Stark.”

“Not to mention their fraccion.” Second Captain Soi Fon folded her arms.

“The real problem here is that we can’t assume that Aizen will just sit back and watch as we deal with his subordinates.” Toshiro pointed out. You as well as everyone on your side all silently agreed. Captain Yamamoto then stepped forward.

“Everyone, step back.”

All watched in awe as his cane dissipated, transforming into his zanpaktou. He grabbed hold of the hilt, and he was beginning to be surrounded by fire.

“Reduce all creation to ash.” he recited.

“Get down!” Shunsui warned. Everyone then took cover.

“Blazing Fortress!”

His zanpaktou was then engulfed in flames, and they shot out at Aizen, Gin, and Tosen. The flames surrounded the trio from all sides. No one was getting in or out.

“Even Aizen can’t escape this wall of flames for some time.” he sheathed his sword. “So let’s make sure we finish the rest of them off.”


God. I can't tell you guys how badly adulthood sucks. There's just no time for anything you actually wanna do. I'll edit in a cute picture later. Anyways, I honestly don't know when the next update will be, I'm doing summer classes and I'll start my fall classes in a couple months, so.... -___-

Mikomi and Ichigo are BOTH on their way to put the smack down on Aizen's ass~ I personally can't wait man. I really hate to leave you guys with a cliffhanger, but I'll make it up to you, swear! ^^;;


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